I practice meditation daily since several years and I am dedicating to share this practice, through games, simples non-religious exercices.

Meditation helps to be aware of our body and mind, to get a better understanding of ourself : our emotions, our thoughts, our inner feelings, bringing a feeling of peace.

How to ?

Sit in a comfortable way, in a quiet place.

Put your entire attention on one object : your breath, or your belly, a candle, a music, something simple, the most simple possible.

Stay and be aware of every single thought and sensation that happens in you. Each one of them, notice it and let it go. Don't grab any, they are there, its OK, come back to your attention.

Little by little, after minutes, this loud voice, these strong feeling will give space, and peace will emerge.

Enjoy this peace, don't grab it too, just be with it, and let it enter in all the spaces of your being, then all the spaces of your life.



“Kids who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness build skills of attention, self awareness, self management leading to more responsible decision making and prosocial behavior, they have greater empathy, perspective-taking, and emotional control, they are also more “prosocial,” and had lower levels of the stress."


"A study found that children who learn meditation with their parents twice weekly in a clinic setting, and kept practicing at home, had better concentration at school, among other benefits."

"Kids that are really impulsive can learn to develop that pause between stimulus and reaction. Then you have the skills to realize when you’re angry, when you feel stress arising. And you have the skills to de-escalate yourself.”

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