Practicing meditation daily

December 14, 2017



To look into oneself and discover how we work from inside is fascinating, if you want to start this self-discovering journey, here are some tricks, depending of the time you can give in your daily life :


5 seconds : Sit down. take a deep breath while focusing your whole body. Accept whatever rises.

Standing : stand in a nice way so your back is straight, feel all your body, and your feet rooted into the ground, take a deep breath. If you have a tough time, put it all out while breathing out. 


20 seconds : take some deep breaths, then let the breath come back to normal and look how you feel. Accept whatever rises.


2 minutes to 15 minutes : Sit down comfortably (put an alarm in needed), your body have to be relaxed, with a minimum of physical tensions. Close your eyes if it helps, then breath as you would cuddle a cat. Attentive to the breath, attentive to the body, with love, sweetness to yourself. Let all thoughts pass through your mind, whatever thoughts. Looks like a fight with yourself, it can be, surrender to it. When the time is over, open your eyes slowly and observe how you feel, give yourself a inner and outer smile, then come back to your daily life.


1 hour : Same as before, but you can lay down and enjoy some beautiful nap while practicing.


Eating : Practice to be aware of each taste into your mouth, each movement of your jaw. Any thought coming, let it pass. Be in the now, now is eating time, and enjoying food time.

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